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Previous releases as Alias Grace

Featuring hauntingly melancholy songs adorned with constantly shifting atmospheric arrangements, Alias Grace’s second album ‘Storm Blue Evening’ develops further the intimate and beguiling nature of their charmed debut album and captures perfectly the maturing writing style of Irish singer-songwriter Sandra O’Neill and multi-instrumentalist Peter Chilvers. The album also features cameo appearances from Myke Clifford, Mike Bearpark and Tim Bowness.

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Debut album, first released in 1998. The album also features ‘Talk Simple’, a reworking of the lyric of No-Man’s ‘Tulip’, and a guest appearance by Tim Bowness.

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Griosach (Download only)

Three traditional songs from vocalist Sandra O’Neill’s native Ireland, ranging from the choked guitars and pattering rhythms of She Moved Through the Fair to the atmospheric piano and guitar loops of Sally Gardens.

Pieces (Download only)

A new setting of the ‘Pieces’ lyric taken from the ‘Storm Blue’ Album, recorded especially for mp3 release. A sparse, understated performance from Sandra O’Neill and Peter Chilvers, echoing elements of June Tabor’s folk-melancholy and the atmospheres of Gone To Earth-era David Sylvian.

All recordings are available from Burning Shed.

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