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Irish Times
Tony Clayton-Lea

“This album is cleverly titled: the music here could easily be termed if it weren’t for the genre-shifting presence of Irish singer Sandra O’Neill, a guesting Brian Eno and multi- instrumentalist Peter Chilvers (better known, perhaps, for co-creating, with Eno, the iPhone apps Bloom and Trope). Their collective take on, for example, country standard Banks of the Ohio and John Denver’s Country Roads , offers a far more intuitive understanding of the lyrics than you would think; ditto their versions of Elbow’s Not a Job and Gillian Welch’s I Dream a Highway (clocking in at a wonderfully spooky 14 minutes). Eno adds his own singular ambience on Beyond the Fold , while a second original song, Another Town , benefits from the kind of sepulchral twang we haven’t heard since Cowboy Junkies removed the bullets from their pistols.”

Daily Telegraph, “A Feast of Folk music”
Martin Chilton

“…Another strong new release is Far Off Country by Letka, which features Sandra O’Neill’s singing and Peter Chilvers instrumental talents. There are distinct Daniel Lanois influences and the first track, Beyond The Fold, is produced and mixed by Brian Eno. There is a slick version of the traditional country song Banks Of The Ohio and a unusual version of John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Roads. My all-time favourite version of this song is the pacy, country one by Ray Charles but Letko offer an unusual slow, gospel-like version that is languid and engaging. Although there are only six tracks – including a version of Elbow’s Not a Job – the CD runs in at over 40 minutes, partly due to a bold 14-minute take on Gillian Welch’s I Dream A Highway.”

Time Out

“Letka are the acclaimed collaboration between Irish vocalist Sandra O’Neil and English muliti instrumentalist Peter Chilvers. Don’t expect straightforward folk though- their music is tinged with electronic ambience and they feature Brian Eno on their album.”

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